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Our Mission: To become a world class advanced commercial cooking solution provider.

FMI Corporation was founded in 1971. We would like to express our sincere appreciation to our valued stakeholders for their patronage and support.

FMI stands for Food Machines International. We are laser-focused on our mission, which is to become a world class advanced commercial cooking solution provider. We strive to make meaningful contributions toward enriching food culture in all that we do. FMI distributes advanced European and American kitchen equipment throughout Japan as well as develop our own products that meet the needs of Japan’s unique market. We maximize the value of our equipment by providing professional culinary training through our cooking consulting team, which consists of a registered dietician, chefs, patissiers, gelato artisans, and baristas. Our nation-wide after-sale service team also supports our clients to ensure effective and efficient business operations.

FMI started in the 1970s, when Japan was in a transition phase from a high-growth to stable-growth economy. It was also the dawn of modern food services, when professional kitchen equipment was introduced from Europe and the United States. Bearing in mind our objective of contributing to the enrichment of food culture,” we have been pursuing our mission of offering innovative kitchen equipment sensing and estimating the customers’ current and future needs.

The market has gone through drastic changes over the past 10 years. We have experienced the rise of emerging markets, particularly in Asia, the development of IT applications, and the diversification of customers’ needs. In addition, we have experienced, and will continue to experience the integration of Japan and the other Asian countries. Such changes create new and expanded business opportunities for FMI, particularly in light of the population decrease in Japan. FMI aims to better serve our customers as a commercial cooking solution provider by anticipating market needs dictated by our old and new Japanese culture. The culture in Japan is characterized by a delicate sensitivity, refined taste, high-quality goods, and the pursuit of efficiency. We provide hybrid services by offering both hardware and support that help our customers satisfy the needs of people with diverse tastes.

In advance of the Olympic Games in 2020, Japan is attracting attention both domestically and internationally. We would like to increase the variety of international food cultures available in Japan and establish a bridge linking people to those cultures. We will offer cooking and peripheral equipment that is supplemented with menu proposals, actual cooking demonstrations by our corporate chefs, and the support of our nation-wide service network. Our team is united and we will continue challenging to become the leading solution provider in a rapidly evolving commercial cooking industry and environment.


Takeo Kimoto
President and Chief Executive Officer


FMI Corporation
July 10,1971
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